Other How to break through the restrictions and make TikTok unobstructed?

Vicky Ho

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As we all know, TikTok has become popular around the world with its excellent short video technology and has hundreds of millions of active users. It has become the most popular marketing tool in the field of cross-border e-commerce.

However, the TikTok platform has a very strict regulatory mechanism. The following two situations need to be noted:

  1. If you access TikTok from a restricted area, your IP address will be recognized by the TikTok system and your access will be blocked.
  2. If you create multiple accounts with the same IP address, your IP address will be entered into TikTok's blacklist and your account will be banned.

So if you want to make money through TikTok and avoid the above risks, you must ultimately solve the problem of the network environment.

The TikTok platform has a strong ability to identify IPs. If it is unstable or switches IP frequently, it will be easily banned.

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