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Court Guidelines

Before creating a court case, you must have attempted the following:
  • Attempted to contact the member/business you wish to bring to court via PM.
  • Posted in the member's thread (if it is not a PM based deal).
  • Given the member ample time to reply -- we are humans, some members on the forum run businesses and take breaks on weekends.
If the above has been followed then please;
  • Create a court case and ensure you mention the member in your original post.
  • Outline briefly what has happened.
  • Provide evidence -- this is VITAL.
ALL posts and threads are moderated before being made public.

Competitors may not reply to threads for the same business they own, for example, if a member brings a web host to court, another web host may not reply. HOWEVER, if a competitor has evidence, they may PM @InfoBot. This is to prevent the said business in going into war with the business being brought to court. We prefer to keep peace between businesses.

: The Veterans and/or The Board may request to see evidence via TeamViewer (or another method to view) to validate the authencity of screenshots etc. The Board, nor The Veterans have access to private messages as such you MUST report the PMs.
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