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Hi all,

I am getting user rate limited exceeded error, as I am trying to upload to Gsuite using Thema Creator. This is the exact error I am getting..

403 Forbidden { "code" : 403, "errors" : [ { "domain" : "usageLimits", "message" : "User rate limit exceeded.", "reason" : "userRateLimitExceeded" } ], "message" : "User rate limit exceeded." }

How can I solve this issue?

Thank you.
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There is an existing undocumented quota for Translate API. This quota limits the number of characters per 100 seconds per user to 10,000 (aka 10,000 chars/100seconds/user).

This means that, even if you’re splitting large texts into different requests, you won’t be able to bypass 10,000 characters within a 100-seconds interval.

Brief examples:

  • If you bypass 10k characters within the first 5 seconds, you will need to wait 95 seconds to continue analyzing chars.
  • If you hit this quota after 50 seconds, you will need to wait another 50.
  • If you hit it on the second 99th, you will need to wait 1 second to continue the work.
What I would recommend is to always catch exceptions, and retry a number of times doing an exponential backoff. The idea is that if the server is down temporarily due to hitting the 100-seconds interval quota, it is not overwhelmed with requests hitting at the same time until it comes back up (and therefore returning 403 errors continuously). You can see a brief explanation of this practice here (the sample is focused on Drive API, but the same concepts apply to every cloud-based service).

Alternatively, you could catch exceptions, and whenever you get a 403 error, apply a delay of 100 seconds and retry again. This won't be the most time-efficient solution, as the 100-seconds intervals are continuous (not started when the quota is reached), but it will assure that you don’t hit the limit twice with the same request.
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