1. iraton

    iraton Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2009
    Domain Name: gonewildhub.com
    Registered With: namecheap
    Ownership proof: (MUST)
    Price or Starting Bid: $500
    If Auction: Yes
    Auction End Date: flexible
    BIN (Buy It Now) Price: best bet

    Selling in USA only, other countries am not sure any payment method is safe, unless you have bitcoins, please restrain from beting.
    Paypal / cashapp / venmo / bank deposit / zelle. You must sign my invoice from company to customer in case you do a charge back or something shady be ready to come to small claim court in Florida. Be ADVISED!

    Alexa Rank: 1.6M, was under 100k when i had time to dedicated to its seo. So Potential proven.
    I have deals with adultforce and others.
    for example

    i never did pop ups or any other malicious advertisement, i think they are an abomination.
    Currently making revenue? no, nor have i care for this site for a year or so.

    What do i get?
    Full source, it is php, not wordpress.
    Every single video is hosted by my server, all videos are legal. Expect around 500g of videos.
    Database and File transfer help included. (i use ovh, would be best if you do to)
    i do not include any deal with adultforce, however, i can talk to them and see about an account transfer, otherwise you can edit the referral links your self (is per video so lot to change)

    i can setup a cdn like i have, but for extra $





    2019 til 3/2/2019


    Any questions relate to the site, please ask here so others can see.

    Thank you

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