[GIVEAWAY] Free Subtitle Uploads To Ninjastream, Mixdrop, ETC (As Long As Their API Allows It)


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hi guys, I've recently touched python and have gotten used to doing some simple task, and to polish my skills I'll be doing community service, I don't have alot of database of subtitles but for now I can at least do 'English' subtitle uploads to Ninjastream, Mixdrop etc.

If you're interested in this offer, I can do 100 English subtitle uploads to you selected movies on Ninjastream, Mixdrop or any other streaming service that supports API subtitle uploads.

you can PM me the details and we can chat there and be sure to comment below if you want this service, I'm doing it with my own free time so please be kind to me,

several things I can't guarantee:

1.) the subtitles are downloaded from opensubtitles so I can only do 100 / day
2.) I can't guarantee the English subtitles will align perfectly with your videos as it requires hash
3.) for private API info you'll have to pm me and we can chat there

making friends and polishing my skills by giving back.
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