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    Nov 17, 2009
    Hello everybody,

    Thought I'd offer a helping hand, if anybody needs it.
    I think I am considered a veteran when it comes to online business.

    I am offering free consulting services for active WJ members.
    • Do you have a website that you think could be making more money?
    • Do you have a service that is costing way more than it should be?
    • Do you spend too much time doing something that could be optimized?
    • Do you sometimes think "I could get this at a better deal"?
    • Do you have legal questions/problems?
    • Is your service losing customers?
    These could be some of the problems I can help you with.

    About me:
    I've been active online for the past 15 years. My hobby is building interesting projects, making them profitable and selling them.

    Why are you doing this? What's in it for you?
    I like making new contacts. You never know what may happen.

    How can I contact you?
    Skype: maniac.wj

    Do you consult on NSFW material?

    I do not have a website/product/app yet. Can I contact you with my idea?
    Sure, if it sounds good I can even help you get started.

    • Be nice. I am doing this for free.
    • This is a consulting offer. I will give you tips but I won't do the work for you.
    • Only Skype chat or PM. There will be no voice or video chatting.
    • I am not available 24/7. If I am not responding at a particular time, you do not need to spam me.
    • Since this is a free service, my availability may be limited - depending on my schedule.

    This is a free service. This means I am around when I am around. (Usually when my todo-list ist close to empty)
    If you want to hire me as a consultant (video-chat, phone, email, visit), pricing starts at 120€/hour (+taxes)
    If you are looking for development or design services, our hourly fees start at 50€ (+taxes)

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