FREEDL.INK - Prefect PPD - $100 Per 10k | DMCA IGNORE | 10$ Payout (Daily) | 10G+ Servers


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Hello Wjunction users,

We are pleased to introduce


Our News :

Our main goal is providing stable, super-fast and high-quality service.
We have 12 years of experience in server administration and we provide services to filesharing suchs as coding, server building and filesharing solution.
We kindly ask you to test our service during the following month and share your feedback on the quality of the performance.
We will strive to provide the best service available based on your feedback.

Our rates for 1k downloads:

More info at:

Rules & Features:

  • The minimum payout amount on Paypal & Crypto (more options will be added soon)
  • Payout $10 - Processing time : 24 hours - max 72 hours
  • Earn 5% extra revenue from our referral system
  • We support FTP, Remote Upload, Web Upload, API upload, Zoom
  • Max file size: 10GB Per file
  • File storage: 90 days from last download
  • Paid count: up to 2 downloads per day
  • Legal adult content is allowed to be uploaded
  • When ads are blocked, downloads are not counted
  • Traffic from third-party applications will not be counted
  • DMCA Ignore
  • CHEATING is not allowed, and NO PAYOUT to cheaters
  • No Profit to VPN / Proxy
Contact email:

Thank you, team.
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I think the export button limits characters.
It is a very necessary option, there are also errors if I try to move 500 files for example.

Keeping the server active on my sites without it doesn't work, it's between difficult and impossible for me.
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thanks, fast payment -24 hours
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