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    Jul 7, 2008
    FREE FREE FREE! Enter and Win free giveaway. It is the time for combined surprise. It is the time for both Christmas and new year special.

    On the combined occasion of christmas 2018 and New Year 2019 we are offering this giveaway for our customers. As 2018 is going and 2019 is approaching, we want to make the new year more special and more interesting.

    It is the big gift for your business this Christmas 2018. Host your website free of cost with the scopehosts giveaway. Give the big cheer to the new year with this free giveaway.

    We would suggest you Have a smarter new year 2019 to make your business grow with the easy wordpress hosting. Don't invest anything and host your dream website. Sparkle your business and your life this christmas and new year 2019 season.
    Wordpress hosting is the best. Why???? Because with wordpress hosting you get

    FREE Full Management Support
    FREE Cpanel
    Free WP Auto updates and New WP Plugins
    FREE website transfer
    FREE Cloudfare CDN
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    FREE WP Security
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    FREE COMODO Positive SSL
    Anytime MONEYBACK Guarantee

    I know, after knowing all this you want this wordpress hosting. So don't wait anymore.

    Giveaway Date : Dec 25th 2018 - Jan 3rd 2019

    To enter this Free giveaway, the Only step is to contact us with your original details.

    Terms to avail this giveaway

    1 .No Warez/Porn/Hacking/Malware/Phishing Websites Allowed
    2 .Need to Add in footer "Powered & Hosted By SCOPEHOSTS.COM" with a follow link to: https://www.scopehosts.com/web-hosting/managed-wordpress-hosting
    3. If you website has more than 100,000 visits/month, we would be glad to offer more resources for FREE!
    4. Place our banner on your website.

    LIMITED TIME GIVEAWAY ! For 1st 15 Bloggers and Webmasters!

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    From our hearts we wish you great piece of luck and from our minds we wish you tremendous success.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Kind Regards,
    Andre Allan
    Sales Manager
    Thank you

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