1. kanesimicart

    kanesimicart Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2015
    Simple and Easiest way to scan your Magento store and get a mobile app version .
    You don’t have to be a coder to build your own app. Even no having a website, because I’m giving you this single super app.

    Simicart - Best solution for Magento_mobile in the world !
    I think that this is really awesome app. Who dare to try it now Let's try if you have a Magento Store !

    Best solution for Create mobile shopping app - Start Free Trial NOW (14 day !)
    DEMO : https://www.simicart.com/demo.html/

  2. Knowband

    Knowband New Member

    May 30, 2018
    Knowband's eCommerce Mobile App Creator converts your eCommerce website into mobile platform without any technical changes required by store owner. By providing the feature-rich and incredible mobile app, the eCommerce app builder for iOS and android offers a convenient way for the e-retailers to double their store revenue. These eCommerce mobile apps are fully compatible with both android as well as iOS platform. A huge section of our society is using smart phones and tablets, Magento eCommerce mobile app maker can help online retailers in targeting them easily.

    Key Features of Magento eCommerce mobile app maker:

    1. A bundle of attractive themes are provided in the mobile apps developed by Magento eCommerce mobile app builder. A variety of fonts are provided to make mobile app content look engaging.

    2. Magento eCommerce mobile app maker provides multiple screen size support in its mobile applications. These apps works in every smartphone, iPhone, iPad and tablets without any flaw.

    3. Web store and mobile apps are automatically sync with each other through real time synchronization by Magento eCommerce mobile app maker. All the changes made in the web store gets reflected in eCommerce app in real time.

    4. Magento eCommerce mobile app builder offers push notification service in eCommerce mobile app to inform users about new offerings of the store.

    5. Magento eCommerce mobile app creator provides multi-lingual compatibility and RTL support in the mobile apps. With this feature, Magento store admin can easily target mobile based users on global scale.

    6. eCommerce mobile apps supports all sorts of products regardless of the business type. Magento store owners can easily sell any product in mobile app.

    7. Multiple shipping and payment methods are supported in the eCommerce mobile app to provide easy transactions for the app users.

    8. Magento eCommerce mobile app maker allows users to login through social media accounts as Google+ and Facebook accounts.

    9. eCommerce mobile apps provides better app navigation through layered interface. Users can find their desired products easily through filter and sorts.

    10. Magento eCommerce mobile app maker allows voice search in mobile application. Users need not to type product name every time while searching in app.

    11. Zopim chat support is also incorporated in mobile app allowing its users to have 24/7 user support regarding any concern.

    12. Wish list functionality is also incorporated in the mobile application, allowing users to save their favorite products for later purchase.

    13. Magento eCommerce mobile app maker provides simplified checkout approach in the mobile application through one page checkout.

    14. All types of mobile coupons are supported in the mobile application. Magento eCommerce store merchants can easily motivate app users to purchase products through mobile coupons.

    15. eCommerce mobile application also offers order tracking facility which lets app users to see their placed order details and current delivery status.

    Want to know more about this extension, visit Knowband

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