1. hynds

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    Feb 13, 2016
    Free Godaddy Domain Value Appraisal Online Tool

    Good news! Godaddy has just issued the new domain appraisal online tool for end users. With this tool, you can know how much is your domain worth easily. Many domainers always want to know about the value of their domain names they have. It’s helpful when they want to estimate and appraisal domains before buying or selling them.


    With this free online tool, you just need to enter your domain name into the box and press the “GoValue” button besides. Godaddy evaluates the domain for you based on many factors they collected and compared. Then they give you the most accurate estimate available.

    They have an exclusive algorithm combines machine learning with real-market sales data compiled from over 20 years of experience. So that they help you to appraisal their values to help you decide what step to take next.



    The example above is the estimated value of my domain name: eCoupon.io. You guys can see that it’s worth about $2,574. It’s compared to other domain names sold such as ecoupon.com, evoucher.eu,…And some more factors such as valuable keyword, another extension sold with high price, and short. I think the price is not 100% exact but it gives me a better surmise for my domain name, as well as for my website too.

    With this free tool from Godaddy, you have one more choice among many appraisal tools on the internet such as estibot (the useless guy always limits the number of checks by IP address)

    Note that you need to change your country/region to United States – English in order to use this tool

    Hope this tool helps you guys much in your domain name career. Visit this tool here

    Source: Free Godaddy Domain Value Appraisal Online Tool
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    Jul 19, 2012
    Not working.

  3. hynds

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    Feb 13, 2016
    As I mentioned above.

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