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    Mar 15, 2018
    -What is FiPlayer?
    FiPlayer is a video player without ads specifically for you, which allows you to play with JWPlayer or VideoJS the sequences you have uploaded to specific sites. It also controls broken links with a broken link control and global alternative system, and automatically activates an alternative video if it has. You can easily view and edit your broken links on the dashboard.

    1. Broken link listing.
    2. Add your own subtitles.
    3. Three link system: If a link breaks, it switches to another.
    4. Auto image preview.
    5. Search link usin link title.
    6. Convert old videos with js code.
    7. Free installation service.
    8. 3 Months free updated. (After $20)
    9. Lifetime Technical Support.
    10. +15 sources.

    Supported Sources (* the sources I suggest):
    1. Google Photos
    2. Google Plus
    3. Trt.pl*
    4. Zkouknito.cz*
    5. Tune.pk*
    6. Filebebo*
    7. Facebook*
    8. Akvideo.stream*
    9. Yandisk (Original Quality)
    10. Vimeo
    11. Dropbox
    12. Dailymotion*
    13. Youtube* ($10/Month)
    14. Namba.tv
    15. Vid.me
    16. Vidoza.net (Just Broken Link Control)
    17. Vidlox.tv (Just Broken Link Control)
    18. Vidmoly (Just Broken Link Control)
    19. Mail.ru (Just Broken Link Control)
    20. Vshare (Just Broken Link Control)
    21. Openload (Just Broken Link Control)
    22. Rapidvideo (Just Broken Link Control)
    23. MP4
    24. M3U8 (HLS STREAM)
    When you add the player JS code between the <head> </ head> tags, you will convert the videos you added in the past to the player. If it does not support, it displays broken link control on your panel.

    * Ioncube Loader 10 must be installed on your server.

    Price: $125
    Skype: phicodes
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    Mar 15, 2018

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