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Hello everybody,

We wanted to build a new file storage solution that would stand out in the crowd. We have worked long and hard, didn't hurry much to announce it before we could make sure we get everything right.

One of the most exciting features we have is ability to set individual price for any or all of your files. Right now you can set a price of up to $99 for any file. So if you have something unique, something of value you can set your own price and earn unprecedented amounts of money!

We also have ways of monetizing your traffic that everybody is used to. We have Pay per Sale program, where you get paid for any sale your make and later for all the rebills and renewals.

We have Pay per Download program that pays generously for your traffic, accepts all countries on the same terms and calculates your rate dynamically, the better your traffic is the more money you get!

We have already been online for a few months, testing, adding all the most popular payment solutions. The testing phase is now over, our currently active webmasters seem to be very happy with the result, so we would like to invite everybody to give us a try.

Sign up, look around, learn all the great features that we have set up for publishers, all the incredible way to monetize your traffic, just in time to participate in our 70% Sales and Rebills Launch Promotion in October!

We are already allowed on all the major, high traffic platforms so you have the perfect opportunity to test the new service, all it's features and earn few hundred in cash extra, fast!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service or post them up here.
Hello everybody! Thank you for the warm welcome.

As I've said in my introduction post, our PPD plan accepts all traffic, from all countries. Therefore you don't need a table. We have set the minimum PPD rate at $5 per 1000 downloads, to meet or exceed industry standard. The rest depends entirely on how good your traffic is, there is no limit to how much you can earn per 1000 downloads.

We have all the most popular payment solutions available. If you are asking about payouts, we have Bitcoin, Wire transfer, Webmoney and just about anything else can be arranged for high volume partners.
You guys should all know that FileFox is setup in such a way that you simply do not need Premium to work. You do not need any activations or anything like that. Just register and off you go. Great storage space and all webmaster features and are available right away!
PPD rate at $5 per 5000 downloads :cursing:

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PPD rate at $5 per 5000 downloads :cursing:


System recalculates traffic rate every morning after being triggered by first downloads. However, after you've pointed out, we have decided to upgrade the algorithm to start with $5 rate without having to wait for the recalculation time. If you check now, everything should be good.

filefox and filejoker are sisters?

Brazzers :)). Joking.

While creating FileFox we have researched all the hosts our there and tried to take the best from each.

Just have a look, the domain, the design, user friendliness, usability, graphs, features and amazing innovations - this is the best solution from professionals for professionals!

Take advantage of the launch, get the creme while it's fresh!

How long you keep files for free and premium members?

Active files are kept forever, for a file to be considered active, it has to be downloaded at least once every 90 days. Both free and premium users have same file expiration time of 90 days.

how much free user download file size?

always show premium only download!

Free users can download files sized up to 5 GB.

Also, a question that usually interests many. Minimal payout amount has two options.
Option A: $50 with one month hold. Option B: $100 without any holds. All payouts are done within 7 work days after request has been placed except for payouts less then $100 which are subject to hold.
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I think no true,also I didn't set premium

You kind of did. I'm not going to post a screenshot here, but if you go to My Files and look at your files, you will see that they are set as Premium Only.

Perhaps you had Auto PU feature enabled or just clicked PU checkbox.
As I've said before you don't need activation, you don't need Premium or anything else for that matter. You can just sign up and start your work right away.