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Welcome The ecats exchange is quite young, but it has advantages over its competitors. Exchange description: - No commission on orders! - Annual rate of 8% in all currencies with every second accumulation! - Referral programme: 1% per annum with daily accumulation! Internal transfers in any currency without commission! In ecats exchange each user can create coupons in any currency and for any amount. Another user who activated this coupon becomes your referral - all statistics are open! The exchange itself earns on the difference between orders without commission, this can be seen in the "Profit"

Dogecoin coupons will also be distributed for trading or you can withdraw the received bonus to Doge without any
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Young ecats broker

At the moment, not a very large number of coins are connected and there are no large volumes yet.

What is the difference

- No commission on orders.

- Staking on all coins 8% p.a. with every second accrual!

- Referral programme 10 levels each gives a profit of 1% per annum every second accrual

At this time is developing to increase the annual profit of 48% per annum for an undefined period.

Internal transfers in any coin without commission.

All statistics is transparent and open.

The exchange earns on the spread between orders and does not charge a commission, it can be seen in the Profit column:

They also give out a voucher for 30 dogicoin, which you can use for trading or withdraw without any restrictions.