DNS Manager v2.13.0 with BIND 9 & WHMCS V7.9 support is out!


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1. Let us start today’s news delivery with the momentous 2.13.0 release of our DNS Manager For WHMCS. This update bears great importance as it brings an overwhelming amount of improvements on board of this flagship module. Read on for a short trip through some of them:
  • Support for the BIND 9 submodule.
  • Full-blown compatibility with the newest WHMCS V7.9.
  • DNSSEC validation can be now established on Cloudflare servers so as to provide an additional layer of security and trustworthiness in your DNS infrastructure.
  • The newly implemented “Full Record Name” option giving you the authority to decide whether the domain address should or should not be displayed next to the DNS record name.
  • Lastly, you will also receive the power to select those DNS zones that you wish to prevent from being edited by your customers in the client area.

Still cannot spot the one particular functionality you were hoping for? Do not wait then to gain a full view of all new utilities that our DNS Manager For WHMCS 2.13.0 presents – pay a quick visit to the module’s changelog right away!

Learn all about DNS Manager For WHMCS 2.13.0!

2. WHMCS V7.9 Modules Support List

We are way over halfway there! Within the past week several more modules joined the ranks of the WHMCS V7.9 supporters – below you will find the most recent additions:

Do not forget to trace the progress on a regular basis!

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