Cryptocurrency Spider - search for seed phrases of crypto wallets


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Cryptocurrency Spider is a service that searches for lost seed phrases on the Internet. Spider goes through thousands of pages on the Internet and looks for seed phrases that accidentally appear on them. Then it allows you to dispose of them as you like. For example, it can automatically restore access to the wallet.

My registration link for the service:

For registration on ref - bonuses.

Bonus to the main purpose:
- allows you to multiply the search speed by purchasing additional servers;
- there is a referral program - 25% of the capacity purchases made by the referral;


Spider Software guarantees a refund if you find crypto wallets with a balance less than the cost of your subscription.
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SPIDER MINING is now available to everyone.
Simple management, web mining from your browser.
We have created a local currency SPIDER COIN for your convenience.
Mine SPD in your browser and exchange for dollars. Withdrawal from $ 10.
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News from the project:

Spider Software takes it to the next level. In the next 24 hours, the domain will stop working.

We are moving to a new address
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