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    Contacting Members of Staff

    If you wish to contact a member of staff in regards to an issue or if you have a query, please;

    • Use the report button [​IMG] if you wish to report a post or thread, or want your thread title edited.
    • PM a moderator if you have an issue or query.
    • If your query/issue is with a moderator, PM a super moderator.
    • If your query/issue is with a super moderator, PM the Vice Administrator.
    • If your query/issue is with the Vice Administrator, PM an Administrator.

    A full list of staff can be viewed here.

    Note: If you do not agree with an infraction, speak to the staff that issued it. It's always best to apologize if you're at fault. Staff never give out free infractions. Views/opinions of staff are of their own and do not express the opinion/views of WJunction itself, this includes all staff (along with administrators except the owner).

    If you have recently registered and are wondering when your restrictions are removed, please read the getting started with WJunction article.

    Thank you,
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