- Up to 75% OF Sales/Rebills | Daily payment | $20 min


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Dear Wjunction users,

We are pleased to offer our service to earn on the placement of your files.


Affiliate Program:

- We are offering (PPS) pay per sale program which will give our affiliates
- 60% of sales,
- 60% of rebills and renewals,
- Up to 10% of sales from your site ,
- 5% from earnings your referrals.

Terms Features & Benefits

- File storage will be 90 days from the last download.
- Maybe increase terms file storage up to 180 days or unlimited, it is decided individually, by agreement with administration.
- Available upload from remote upload and upload from the browser, also possible to copy files.
- The ability to activate all files in folder to Premium Only, it applies to any folders including the root.
- The ability to choose Premium configuration for selling access on your files.

Payments and Withdraws :

Minimum withdraw: 20$

- We pay via PayPal.
- We pay via WebMoney.
- We pay via Bitcoin.
- We pay via USDT


Payouts on Webmoney are made instantly, funds are received on your wallet within one minute.
Instant payouts on Webmoney


What are you waiting for!?

So we have to upload for free ???
Nobody will buy bonuses from us from new, insecure hosting
First, make a name for yourself through the PPD

Good luck !
We want to clarify that your income or commission is fixed on your work talent and also the trust of all the people.

We assure you that we are with you
And we request all of you to experience working with us once
We assure that we will live up to your expectation

Thank you :thumbsup:
no credit card payment?
we will try to add soon
and our resellers are accepting credit cards
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Want to add the PPD alliance plan
We will decide in the future
Now we are working on PPS
And invite you all:thumbsup:
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Too expensive premium for new hosting.
these are simple charges
We think you should have experience working
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We have requested you to withdraw our money through BTC
please transfer the money to us soon
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We have been waiting for our money for the last several days :(
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thank you for Paid :)
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