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    Sep 7, 2009
    Hello everybody!
    As a marketers you probably all needed SMTP service or mass email services to reach your customers.
    So this is something you shouldn't miss!

    I'm the owner of smtpboxes.com but I will tell my personal opinion for the other similar services.
    I registered at one of them and was doing test emails to my gmail account. Well guess what. I was banned because my 3rd email didn't arrived thus getting <75% deliver rate and their system recognized me as spammer and banned me.. Simply LOL.
    Then I tried another service and another to see how they compare with SMTPBOXES. I noticed that they do not handle their customers with enough respect. Some of them simply because they have too much customers and too less people in the support.

    SMTPBOXES defers from all that !
    As long as you don't intend to spam or brutally cold emailing you can be respectful customer that won't be banned or kicked, or cut from the system in a way.. Simply because we at SMTPBOXES know that everybody is looking for solid ground! Solid ground for managing your mailing lists and having long term history in order to analyze the past campagins, errors and success, to be able to MARKET! Moving from service to service ain't any good. This destroys your potentials. So grab your own private SMTPBOX and have a bright future in Email Marketing !

    Willing to hear any questions.
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