Hey everyone!

I’d like to share with you how I managed to make 48% ROI business from zero. Hope this story will inspire you!

First of all I made a simple viral news website. Just copy pasted content from the Internet and left a reference link to the original source. I used wordpress to build my website with a free and fast theme.

To make money I needed ads. So I requested a direct ad link from CPM network. I was using Adsterra.

Why do we need a direct link you will understand soon. And CPM networks pay for impressions, that is what I wanted.

To get traffic I went to Mgid and launched a banner campaign to get some US traffic. USA traffic is the most payable and they have the highest CPM rates. CPM is cost per 1000 impressions.

When my campaign was approved I set up javascript redirect to send all users to the ad offers! No single click was lost. I was paying for clicks in Mgid, and all of them converted into the Adsterra impressions. Very good.

Here are my earnings:

I spent:

Traffic ~ $730

Hosting and domain registration ~ $15

Total profit $362. ROI 48%. I managed to return all my investments and earned $362 pure profit so far.

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