BTC wallet suggestions

You should never use wallets provided by online sites. If you don't own the private keys it's not your wallet/BTC. If a hardware wallet is not an option you can use something like
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the case is that I have been using Coinase for the last 5 or more years. I mostly used them for receiving and sending btc. Maybe once or twice I used it to buy BTC and nothing more. I even bought and received Litecoin once. Yesterday I was going to send BTC to a friend and I found this message

> Unfortunately we have to close your Coinbase account. Before your account can be closed, you’ll need to withdraw your crypto funds to an external wallet and your cash funds to a bank account associated with your Coinbase account. If you are currently enrolled in USD Coin rewards, you may want to wait up to 40 days before withdrawing funds to ensure you have received all eligible reward payouts. You will not be able to access these funds after account closure. Please take precautions when transferring cryptocurrency to an external wallet as transfers outside of Coinbase are irreversible. Please also be sure to delete any external references to cryptocurrency addresses generated by Coinbase, as funds sent to those addresses will not be accessible once the account is closed.

And that I need a reliable BTC wallet for the long term
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Never used Coinbase so I'm not sure why they are closing your account. But exodus is a good and convenient app for storage, and you own the private keys. For buying/selling crypto you could check and see if is available where you live. But again, don't keep any funds on their online wallets.
Explore hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor for added security. Electrum and Exodus are trustworthy software wallets with user-friendly interfaces. Research and select a wallet based on your preferences.
Only use a open source wallet and only used the open source build of those wallets. Like this one from Fdroid

Never ever trust a closed source app with your crypto.

Exchange wallets are good for just hot swapping your coin's and should never be used as a wallet.

People who use exodus wallet or belive its open source need's to rethink the life decision.
If you are in the space for a significant amount of time, there were a ton of exchange horror stories affecting thousands of users. FTX, MTGOX to name the 2 obvious.
Some of them are handled by kids without any skills. Managing an exchange in full speed growth is easy.
Blockchain is about you owning the money, so own it.