1. UberAmoral

    UberAmoral Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2018
    What a best wallet for your opinion?
    I have personal experience with blockchain.com, not the best one. Problems
    Atomic and Exodus, wallets in exchanges.
    What wallet do you use for keep your crypto safe?
  2. UberAmoral

    UberAmoral Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2018
    Thanks for the advice. Anything else ?
  3. The_Reaper

    The_Reaper Member

    Jan 27, 2019
    I just use Electrum for BTC and Electron Cash for BCH.

    If you have a lot of crypto you should buy a hardware wallet.
  4. marhahajcs

    marhahajcs Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2011
    Best option to use hardware wallet like Ledger. You can store your crypto on your computer on a wallet like Exodus ,for this type of wallet you need to have a well protected computer. Also there are other options like paper wallet. Which one you prefer, this is yours choice.
    I personaly use exodus and statisfied with that.
  5. DarkCromo

    DarkCromo Well-Known Member

    Oct 17, 2011
    Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X
    The best wallet
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  6. Rox

    Rox Vice Administrator Staff Member

    Apr 17, 2010
    Exodus Desktop Wallet for day to day transactions - no company out there provides a better experience and support in the entire crypto industry, it is the best one!

    Trezor T for long term savings - hardware wallet is a must for long term holdings.
  7. Gaky

    Gaky Well-Known Member

    Aug 3, 2018
    I recommend you to use only hardwallets as you can secure your digital assets.
  8. hurtb2b

    hurtb2b Member

    Feb 8, 2019
    Electrum for sure and Bitbay for others
  9. BHW-Uploads

    BHW-Uploads Member

    Feb 11, 2019
    Electrum, when i get better computer then some hardware wallet. Just never ever use website wallets, anything can hapen and lose money.

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