1. harsha98

    harsha98 Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2014
    HI all,

    I ve been with
    Popads - good( banned me no reason )
    ad-maven - good
    exoclick - okay
    hiltopads - okay
    popmyads - counts good at starting but gradually it shaves
    adcash - okay
    popcash - less than okay

    popads was good network but suddenly they banned my account and there support is shit in fact more than shit would really need know a adnetwork which pays "good" category or good money for popads or popunders
    been searching but testing some they all shave bigtime. please let me know if any if would be of great help
  2. AdSpyglass

    AdSpyglass Active Member

    Dec 10, 2018
    Hey, harsha98!
    I think you are still in search;) I got a perfect solution for you.
    Try Adspyglass!
    We are ads mediation service, so you can work with all listed networks same time, without any chance for them to shave you. Also you will increase your profit on the same traffic by 30-50%.

    It free to start, and we have best popunder code on the market. Check in my sign.

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