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80% Of launching campaigns is preparing all the creative material.

-The landing pages (experienced affiliates always test 2-3 from the start)
-The safe site (Every account needs its own safe site)
-The safe ads.
-The safe posts. (Every single ad account needs a unique safe post)
-The money ads
-The money landers
-The cl04ker
-Getting the offers together from Supremedia, ClickDealer, campaign created.

ONLY after all the above is done, ONLY then can they login to the traffic source like Zeropark and setup the campaign and actually launch to see if it will make money or not.
In short, it takes a lot of effort & time to prepare all the stuff you need. Even if you are a 'rip n runner' there's work that goes into getting everything lined up, because you need to modify even the ripped ads a bit and clean up the code from the landers you stole.

If you have 15 ad accounts to launch, and you want to test 5 different geos, that's a shit ton of work. Especially if you need to translate a lander you ripped in English to another language because you couldn't find one to rip in that language! That also includes the step of finding a translator (Transey makes it easy and 50% cheaper than OHT) then getting the text translated, waiting for the translator to finish, THEN localizing, aka swapping english to the translated language, and then updating all the images, trust stuff to reflect the geo.

This is a LOT of work. YOU CAN DO IT ALL ON YOUR SELF FREE, if you have the skills required for Photoshop, HTML/CSS, attention to detail, creativity, and the like. And the time.
You can hire someone, spend weeks training them, then supervise to make sure they do their work, etc for a few grand per month. Sadly you can't hire n fire on demand, they are real people not freelancers when you hire in house.

or You can outsource everything to banners & landers, receive a cool spreadsheet where you put in what geos and stuff you want, and get it all done WHILE YOU SLEEP. So all you do is cut n paste lander link, angle, and upload the ads into your traffic source.

IT PAYS to work with B&L, you save a lot of time, hassle, and you never have to worry about employee excuses and them calling in sick.

Add @bannerslanders on skype or telegram to talk to the team!
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