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In honor of us eclipsing over 67,000 users and counting we are proud to introduce the bankroll network.

Bankroll(dot)network is a premiere decentralized finance network on TRON. It implements a voluntary, sustainable, and permission less global economic engine. Through a network of financial contracts the platform provides rewards in TRX, BNKRX, and BNKR. Bankroll... play to win!!! Bankroll is a permission less system for economic inclusion and helps its community accumulate wealth through active and passive cash flows.

Bankroll is a permission less system for economic inclusion and helps its community accumulate wealth through active and passive cash flows. We have a built in exchange called Xchange for you to fund your TRX account by swapping from ETH. You may swap ETH for TRX in both directions. No KYC required. Here are some reasons why our network is one of the best ways to earn value on your cryptocurrencies.

We Have True Decentralized Finance​

The Bankroll DeFi Network is a great way to earn value in crypto, all unstoppable and onchain! Through a series of incentives it allows players to create value and participate in the upside of a portfolio of assets.

Sustainable Yield Farming​

Only on Bankroll can you participate in zero fee Saver Pools that allow you to yield farm with leading protocol, platform, and ecosystem assets. All backed by the oldest store of value on the TRON blockchain, BNKR.

Sleek and Responsive​

Bankroll is designed to work well on both desktop and mobile. A sleek dark theme keeps you in the zone, WINNING

A Bankteller Production​

Play to win and sleep well at night. As always, built with love.

When taking part in our various money making opportunities we strongly recommend starting off with Bankroll Flow.

Bankroll Flow provides 365% APY on player deposits with passive play. Flow will never drain and operates very similar to farms, minting BNKRX rewards for participation over time. By getting direct referrals and building teams players can accelerate how fast they ROI on initial deposits. Every direct referral by a player provides 10% income on deposits. An individual player can have an unlimited amount of direct referrals. Each direct referral becomes the head of a team chain, so a player can have an unlimited amount of team chains. This is true for EVERY player, a player has one and only one buddy/upline and many teams/downlines. Each team chain earns additional rewards as withdrawals are made from up to 15 players in the team/downline. A downline is a team of players linked by buddies/uplines. Each direct referral you have is the head of a downline in your team, so focus on organic referrals. Rewards in each generation of your downlines are as follows: 1st: 30%, 2nd - 5th: 10%, 6th - 10th: 8%, and 11th - 15th: 5%.
In addition every deposit, roll, and claim generates a 5% BNKR buyback which is sent to Stronghold players. Spread the word and lets grow Bankroll!
* A minimum initial deposit of 10 BNKRX is required to get started.

Buddy Code: THmYxn47fbt8AkyWRqPjW4YwFMD6xSBD7C

Add our official buddy code. A buddy code is needed to participate in flow. Make sure you enable deposits. Make sure you accept the request signature that shows up and to enable automatic signature.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

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Unfortunately, this forum doesn't let us post links. Here is a brief descriptions of the links we wanted to post. We have our smart contract security audits on site. Solidity Finance has tested all of our networks. We also have a whitepaper of our bankroll platform.
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That being said please test out our platform and let us know your experiences.

Use our official buddy code and keep an eye on Bankroll X airdrops coming your way pretty soon!!
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