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We proudly announce the public release of the new anime site, FastAni, available on the domain

The site, with its creative and comfortable UI, is backed up by experienced and reliable professionals. Apart from being perfectly compatible on all major browsers and devices, the site boasts a premium anime collection.
With shows uploaded at a groundbreaking speed in a never-seen-before quality with effectively zero buffering time, FastAni feels like a place where everyone is welcome, everyone is back home.
Our proprietary image and video processing algorithm brings out the true form of any anime. Making and managing your account has never been easier before and with Fastani, one truly feels at extraordinary ease with our exclusive privacy control features and account deletion option.
Equipped with multiple filter options to get you exactly the kind of anime you desire, we also give you the best recommendations enabled by our select anime experts. With an unprecedented level of stability, we graciously invite all anime fans to have a dreamlike experience like never before.
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