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Almost daily I see new threads and the same question, "What is the best ad network?"
I got an answer - there is no absolutely best network!

Let me clarify.
Years in industry prove that each ad network is good in its own way and for each type of traffic.

And believe me, none of them can give you 100% fillrate. No names here. Just [email protected]:

- Traffic that your ad network can’t monetize on its own, will be sold to the another one (the way you loose 20-30% of money, because other networks take their revshare too)
- Or unsold users will go to fallback CPA campaigns, which usually show ZERO perfomance and eCPM.
- Also most part of ad networks do not accept vpn / proxy traffic.

What is the best solution in this case? Use ads mediation, with our service you can effectively use
a combination of several networks, direct advertisers and any other sources of income.
At the same time, income is guaranteed to increase by 30-50%.

Before you register in dozens of networks, check which one (or several) is most effective for
your traffic right now. We made a special tool, Best Ad Networks.

By selecting the desired target and ad-format, you can get the actual eCPM numbers for all of the 35+ networks in the system.

We will also be grateful for the feedback, let us know what ad network do you need to be added in Adspyglass to start working.

In August, as a bonus for every client, we give out our new popunder script for free.
Details are in the sig or support chat on our website.

Hope this post was useful.

Adspyglass team.
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