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The Best Pop under Network for Publishers​


Our vast network of Publishers knows no limit! As long as we find quality users with high brand engagement activities and purchase intents – we will find a way to reach them through top performing and niche focused publishers. Our Publishers enjoy the best advertisers out there and large variety of Ads. We use our top optimization system and together we reach maximum revenue for our Publishers’inventory.


Ad Maven serves over 15 Billion impressions on a monthly basis, in the display sphere. We have partnerships with more than 80 networks from around the globe, in order to maximize the quality of our ad inventory and its diversity and thus to better optimize all types of traffic.


To build the best, you need the best. With combined experience of 25 years in the field, the R&D team at advertising pioneer Webpick Internet Holdings constructed a unique RTB system. Registering to our highly advanced self-serve platform you can rest assure you’ll see the best results in the shortest time


Our devoted analytics team has developed a sophisticated system that tracks, determines and analyzes the data we collect from both advertisers and publishers, which allows us to optimize performance. Advertisers and publishers receive access to an online account where they can follow their campaign progress and keep track of the generated value.


Each account is assigned with a dedicated account manager that handles all aspects of a live campaign and maintains continuous communication with the advertisers/publisher. Our account managers are highly involved in the campaign's success, utilizing our Reporting & Analytics, and are always available for consulting.

Payment: NET30, NET15,NET0


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Those CPM's are VERY VERY low.

$0.18 & $0.19 some days... With the highest being.... $0.42 from what I can see at quick glance.

You should look into PopAds. They will offer you more than double that CPM.

I've just completed a one day trial myself, and got a CPM of: $0.47


The number of impressions is correct, so it doesn't appear that their skimming. However PopAds offer me way more than this, so I'm sticking with them.
posible scam?

i work with you for 3 month and you never pay me, because you say "get the min (50$) and i will pay you" but i get the min last month but you don't pay me never. proof??

i say, scam. i will do reviews in many site talking about this bad site.

this is my report

as you see, i have 99$ but they don't want pay me. this is a scam site. take care
In fact I'm working with an ad network in 3 months, and are paid very well, you reconsider your problems. Or see my latest payment
I don't understand where is the scam? according to the screenshots you posted you got to $38 in July which is below the minimum. then in August you reached the $50 minimum. So if you work with them in net 30 then 30 days after 31.8 (end of the month) they will pay you - which suppose to be 1.10.

So what is the problem?

Your CPM are pretty low, I guess your traffic is not in good quality. I'm also testing them in one of my sites but I get much higher CPM.
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I have left this network as CPM rate is decreased to shit. I was using their popunders. Here's the rates they paid me.


Now I'm using network, and i always get CPM around $1.5 to $2.5