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  • I am selling my movie website, it is new but has an active 15k views. The site got visits because I published it on the Halo app! (

    I will sell:

    •Site backup and dooplay theme
    •Adsterra account with $146 balance now

    I will deliver the vps you are hosting, but it is not possible to renew it so you need another hosting and migrate the theme. The theme is dooplay and is nulled, everything working. The site does not have much content, but users still visit to watch TV channels, to help I will leave the notification in the app for 30 days and ensure that I have 15k visits every day. The domain is registered in, and is the first result when you search for haloplay. All visitors are from Brazil. I accept only Bitcoin as payment.

    The website is

    it has + 1k registered users, and the domain is known because the app has 1M installation.

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