Selling A site for a specific light novel/manga/anime


Im looking to see if anyone is interested in this. Might not necessarily sell it unless the price is right because the traffic is literally booming right now and so is the adsense revenue.

Basically the site is for a specific light novel series that has manga and anime available. Although i have stopped posting the anime for it, but I have still been posting the light novel and manga. The work needed here is probably 30min of your time every few days.

Here's what you will get :
  1. The
  2. The website database and files
  3. Free migration to any host of your choice. Any decent shared hosting is sufficient for this.
  4. A manga viewing plugin specially developed by me (that won't be available anywhere else)
  5. I'll tell you where to get the content, and how you can upload/post them.
Some stats (pm me for more/if u want to know anything else)
  1. Adsense revenue is about $80-$100 a month (and its still growing !!)
  2. 40-45% organic traffic !! 30-40% direct, the rest from referral/social. So you can see there is good organic traffic, as well as recurring traffic to ensure the site continues to grow. Half of the traffic is mobile. I have barely done any seo or backlinks (so you can capitalize on this too)
  3. It has about 15-30 users on the site at any one point of time
  4. In the last 30days, it has 11k users (+86.9%), 9.6k new users(+75.9%), 71.7k sessions(+105.0%). The percentage is the increase compared to the month before
Basically this site requires low of amount of work, and has great returns (and will be even greater). The cost for running this entire setup can be as low as $16.91 (namecheap $8.88/yr shared hosting and $8.03 .com renewal)

Let me know if you have any questions, or pm me if your interested with an offer (or offer range). Looking for XXXX.

It has insane growth and potential, and as long as the price is right, i'll let it go as I will be working on other projects in the near future.
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based on cloudflare, the daily uv is about 3.7k at the moment (and is still increasing !)
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