1. ChemicalX

    ChemicalX Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2010
    Hello Wjunctioners!

    I hope you all are doing good, Would you like to come to an isolated place where internet is good and the view is serene for a marketing workshop?
    A week long workshop, I still have to decide the destination but it wont be more than 550-600kms from Delhi.
    So you can take a guess and no where crowded.

    What will be discussed in the workshop?

    1. Introduction to digital marketing
    2. PAID Marketing (Which is my forte)

    This will be for both beginners and professionals. You can be a teacher or a student or who know if we all become students?
    Its better to have a 1on1 sessions than to buying meaningless courses online.

    Well if you are interested ping me here or on my skype "skypechemicalx"
    Everything will be arranged by me, The stay the food the activities.
    Prices will be minimal.

    if someone wants to co-host im all ears :)

    Lets Do THIS!

    Best Regards

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