50% off Black Friday- Best vpn and proxy with unlimited Traffic


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Hello Friends
i share with you today exclusive offer for limited time ,here the link



Description of offer

We are offering 50% off all TorGuard services, along with a Free 20GB PrivateMail encrypted email and file sharing account. When you purchase two years of TorGuard we're also giving users a free streaming IP. Everything is activated instantly after payment approval.

TorGuard features:

  • Anonymous Proxy Service
  • Unlimited Speeds + Bandwidth
  • 3000+ Servers in 50+ Countries
  • x8 Simultaneous Connections
  • Maximum Encryption Available
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy (TLS)
  • Secure NAT Firewall
  • UDP and TCP Supported
  • Many VPN Protocols Supported
  • SSL VPN via OpenConnect
  • SSL VPN via Stunnel
  • SSL VPN via WireGuard
  • SSL VPN via Browser Extensions
  • Stealth VPN (Bypasses DPI)
  • Advertisement and Malware Blocking
  • Protects against all known leaks
  • Supports all OS and Devices
  • FREE 20GB PrivateMail and Streaming IP w/ 2yr TorGuard plans
PrivateMail Pro plan features: (Free Bonus)

  • x20 Email Aliases
  • 20GB Encrypted Email Storage
  • 20GB Encrypted File Storage
  • SecureShare File Sharing Feature
  • .mp4/.mp3 Media Streaming
  • OpenPGP Email Encryption
  • Self Destructing Email
  • AES256 File Encryption
  • Web/Android/iOS/Desktop Apps
  • Contacts/Calendar/Sync
  • Priority Support
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