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  1. Pornsera


    Comment below and I will send you a code with info 0 Player ads to help small webmasters grow, any questions leave below!
  2. K

    Anyone Use

    Does anyone use Please share your experience !!
  3. M

    myQloud - private service with enhanced video possibilities

    Dear Webmasters, We are happy to introduce, small, private, video oriented service! This service is designed primarily for site owners but conventional usage is also an option. Key Advantages are: ⁃ massive improvement of user behavior which transforms to higher SE positions and...
  4. E

    Buying Need proper Video Hosting (JW Player or Other)

    I need a proper video hosting service, willing to pay if you can show me a proper way to host videos like a lot of the big sites. I've heard of juicy codes, and other services but I'm not 100% sure it works. I also don't want to work with google drive because it's a hassle.
  5. monsterhunter32

    Popular Advertisement Networks

    What are the most popular advertisment networks used by members of wjunction. We were alerted to some things we missed when implementing our advertisment system that allows users to implement their own ads onto our video player. We now want to go through all the most popular advertisement...
  6. monsterhunter32

    Inserting Video Ads Into Your Video's

    We had a request from one of our users to add a function to our video player that allowed members to insert their own video ads into there video's. We fulfilled the request, but was wondering for those who deal with direct advertisers, how often do they request video advertising as opposed to...
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