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    Any Application Developers can Help?

    Hey all, Long time coming back to Wjunction :)... I have a client who owns a Printing Company In Middle East,They are planning to expand their business and are interested in an application for android/iOS ,so if anyone feels confident in doing this,kindly pm me and we will proceed our venture...
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    Hiring Someone to code a small mobile app

    Can yu add me on skype? Id : sharook18
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    Hiring Someone to code a small mobile app

    Hey , i need someone to code a small app for showing schedule and results of some local events... Payment: 100$ Pm me...
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    Tɦɛ Gʀiɱ's E-Currency Exchange Service [PZ | BTC | PM | LTC | WMZ | MB| Indian Bank]

    Need 37$ paypal , for buying an ebook...gonna send 2400 rs im bank account'ed you the link...pls speed up bro..
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    Free AmaZon GiftCards Dont know the legitimacy of the same , 99% they would be scam but hey its just 25 clicks :) . So just give it a shot :)
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    Tɦɛ Gʀiɱ's E-Currency Exchange Service [PZ | BTC | PM | LTC | WMZ | MB| Indian Bank]

    Dude , mind in settling me soon ? have been waiting for you a lot now mahn... please complete the transaction or refund my money
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    Tɦɛ Gʀiɱ's E-Currency Exchange Service [PZ | BTC | PM | LTC | WMZ | MB| Indian Bank]

    Currency you have: Indian Bank Currency you want: Paypal Currency : 20$ Actually i want to purchase an e-book of body building and they only accept paypal as their payment method , if possible you can buy directly. Please check your pm buddy :)
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    message appear that mysite under maintenance ?

    2 things : 1) You are posting this on wrong forum buddy... 2) You can do that by : a) Back up your index.php file (just rename ur index.php to index1.php or something) b) Create a new index.php file(blank). c) Then just make or google a image or text you want to display in your site. and add the...
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    How to Recover locked image in a windows phone?

    Hey , I happen to use Nokia lumia 820 and it fell down and now my display is off...although phone is still working but no display I have some important private pics in the phone hidden in an app called "PHOTO LOCK" , is there any way to delete or recover that files before handing over to nokia...
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    [Torrent Site] Planning to Start One?

    Hey Guys , I am very much interested in starting a torrent site and if anyone is interested in the project , then please refer the below details : What I Can Provide : Hi-Speed Internet(Seeding + Uploading) Money (20-40$) Time (10 - 14 Hours/Day) 110% Effort I think i am half complete...
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    How to Get Free Domains Unlimited [Free] by Sam

    Hope it still works :).... Enjoy :)
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    Best Pop-Up Ad Company ??

    Do the come with inbuilt malware ads ???
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    Best Pop-Up Ad Company ??

    Hello all , What is the best pop-up ad company that doesnt has any s*it malware with them ?? I am using edomz but their payout is really really low :( and which gives you better $$ - Pop up or Pop under ?? Kind regards Sam
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    Get free .in domain of your choice

    lolz i got myself a free domain :p and they mailed me all the domain details as well : domain is registered at changed ns and done everything now :) But then again , i tried to make one more domain but it failed , they just give me a hostgator...
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