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    How to merge one WordPress site with another?

    The links are probably saved in the database with the old domain. All you need to do is use something like search and replace and search for the domain name and replace it with new domain. Remember to first back-up you database.
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    Selling Stream Hoster Tool

    Nice, i have the same setup but i use Google photos and all my stuff is automated. So it auto download new movies, tv shows, anime and upload to the GP and i use GP Api and then upload it to all of the host. Almost all. Nice work by the way.
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    Host that keep files for long time

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    Hiring Need Poster For Anime Site

    a script can be build to auto-post all the links but what are your offerings?
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    VPS unlimited bandwidth VPS

    Thanks for not helping, i found a managed 1gbps 160GB SSD server with unlimited bandwidth for just $30.
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    VPS unlimited bandwidth VPS

    Hi, im looking for a truly unlimited bandwidth VPS. Because the server will be use as a streaming server. DMCA proff not need but will be a plus. Ram: about 2 gb is ok more is plus Disk 100gb if possible ssd Bandwidth unmetered, could possibly reach more than 50 to 80 tb a month or even more. A...
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    For me the website is un-usable. When you load content dynamically alot of things can go wrong. I use Firefox with ublock and the website doing nothing.
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    Review XXX Site:

    I see that you are using Wp script. Nice Choice. But I don't see any player in any of the video's? Otherwise nice website. What plugins are you using with wp script?
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    Automatic Movies, Anime & Tv Shows Script

    If im not wrong this script basically works on and Are you the admin of those site? I highly doubt it. And if those sites goes down then everything is down. And why does this script first connect to your server Rather than vidnode. 1580283048 Edit: now...
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    Selling Dooplay WordPress theme key

    Hi, im selling dooplay WordPress theme key with 20 sites options to activate on. The key price on their website is for $100 with this option. Please make your offers. Payment method would be PayPal. I will change the account email and password to your desire I only have one key to sell. Proof:
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    ZetServers - Unmetered Dedicated Servers with 1Gbps - 20Gbps Guaranteed Bandwidth

    I think they should be banned from WJ and this post should be deleted or whatever.
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    Google drive DDL generator

    Google drive does not have any api for url upload but you simply download the file into your server and the upload to Google drive.
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    My suggestion would be to optimize your design for mobile devices. You LOGO is not wrapped correct and on Mobile it is out of view and make the page sideway scrollable.
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