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    Review: a google drive video player

    I am glad to a announce that we are officially open. We include the premium features plan (Join our discord channel to get your free 15 days trail). We add support for google drive folder import, now you can import Thousands of videos in 1 click + plus more great feature. come and join us.
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    Review: a google drive video player

    Hello all: After a few months of success on our main website and helping thousands of users deliver limited google drive files on direct download links , we start our new sister site made for google drive video files. We are an online video player for google video files...
  3. M - Fast & Stable Hosting

    What is the max file size for cache? Video files .mkv .mp4 ... etc allowed?
  4. M - Fast & Stable Hosting

    Thanks for reply, Is there any bandwidth limit? Also how cache work? Maximum file size , cache life span ... etc. Documentation will be usefull.
  5. M - Fast & Stable Hosting

    Where i can find more info about your other product, premium player and proxy service?
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    New 2020 Dedicated Server Prices from $19/mo *fully managed*100% confidential* in Riga, Latvia

    What is your DMCA policy? Also is the 1GB port dedicated?
  7. M - Share with no limits | Fast Support & Service

    60 TBs of zip files is OK with you?
  8. M | Oldest video hosting service since 2016 - Clean Ads - Daily Payouts

    Hello Bader: Ramadan Kareem. Do you have other website for non stream files with the same DMCA ignore feature you have in Gounlimited + unlimited space?
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    DDOWNLOAD.COM - 50% OF SALES | PPD $40/1000 DLs | MIXED

    Do you ignore DMCA reports?
  10. M | Oldest video hosting service since 2016 - Clean Ads - Daily Payouts

    Hello: I am not able to remove my download task using api. Here is how i do it: curl -X POST -d "client_id=myid&client_secret=mysecret" -d "remove_ids={'1055752'}" -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
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    LYNDER : Free premium courses downloader

    Hello all: I am glad to introduce to you, We are providing full access to all lynda courses for free. All courses will be provided on direct download links. It simple but function-able. Please review it. Our website URL is: LYNDER
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    New links location hidden service

    HideMe.Host We are glad to introduce our new links location hidden service. Our service is made for files sharing website's owner those who upload their own files on direct links and they are suffered from DMCA reports and Bots traffics. We only work with direct links files (We accept no html...
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    How UKRAINIAN hosting providers deal with DMCA?

    How about paring and speed between Russia and EU and USA?
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    How UKRAINIAN hosting providers deal with DMCA?

    Which Panama provider? and how they deal with DMCA report? Is paring between NL and Panama good enough? And what about paring between the proxy server and your audiance? Thanks.
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