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    Premium - Simple & Powerful Video File Hosting | Premium | Affiliate Program & Event

    never have premium plans (PPS) they have a good stream service and only have PPD as an option :/
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    KatFile.COM - 60% OF Sales/Rebills | PPD $40/1000 DLs

    I have a super unknown? Why does everyone ask to have a premium in this host? What do they ask for it???
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    Rapidgator Discussion thread

    rapidgator can give you the 1st sale but after they delete the sale file they keep the rebill (it's in the affiliate rules) hahaha that's the answer to all who ask (how?) and the reality is why no one makes a profit but we must recognize that with that money they invested so that the downloads...
  4. M Programs in a new format-Official

    the problem of you asking for your bitcoin payments. they have the damn idea that when your payment arrives it will increase at the exchange rate per minute) hahaha They are absurd beliefs, nothing real to be true because most who pay for bitcoin, will always play it safe, in a nutshell "they...
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    KatFile.COM - 60% OF Sales/Rebills | PPD $40/1000 DLs

    I still haven't received payment :(
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    Rapidgator Discussion thread

    LOL _______ hello raped by rapidgator, they are writing their complaints as usual here in this thread (fake official) hahaha I come to tell you that I have alien porn I'll post it to RG in a few days and earn a fortune
  7. M - Trouble free file sharing! Wowzers! It’s super easy!

    hahaha you can see it from far away very far that you are a newbie in this hahaha I better not explain anything to you and just f*ck you bye.
  8. M - Trouble free file sharing! Wowzers! It’s super easy!

    you're stup*d, you don't know that PayPal bans accounts for using services like this rather, ban filehosting accounts after megaupload, PayPal does not accept any kind of link with online piracy and that is why all filehosting that pay for paypal use intermediaries to send payments to their...
  9. M - Trouble free file sharing! Wowzers! It’s super easy!

    hahaha they pay by PayPal once every month, if you asked for your payment this month expect to receive it in August.
  10. M - Earn 70% of Initial Sales and 70% of Rebills and 3$/1000 PPD! (All In One)

    you're stup*d, vouchers will always take time to send you the code just be patient and wait for your code to arrive do not despair desperate people :)
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    NinjaStream - Video Hosting Service | Fast & User Friendly

    is there any chance your file host have PPS I don't like the PPD, that's for people who post in many forums add PPS to your affiliate system :)
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    Rapidgator Discussion thread

    hahaha here I only see dead people, complaining despite being dead LOL
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