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    Selling Google Drive Suite - $15 - Unlimited Storage -- Custom Username - Not EDU - Lifetime - Safe

    Just got my account, its working PERFECTLY! Api works fine, everything doing well! Soon will be getting more accounts!
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    Premium - Streaming & Download Platform With Affiliate Program

    What about stop fucking complaining and let them do their job? At this moment every fucking host has problems because everyone is migrating, it takes a lot of work to make everything run smoothly. And here you are, being a little twat spreading negativity. you're not helping yourself neither the...
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    VeryStream Discussion

    ahahhahah I fucking warned you guys!
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    If i was verystream i wouldn't even pay this guys! You upload like 10tb of content and keep asking for 10$ payments, AND STILL CRY, thats fookin absurd! i would ban you if i were verystream hahaha
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    Yeah, but its not because of them :( its because of verystream! I'm trying to import to other Host's and they say verystream is super slow right now, it takes 20 minutes to import everywhere. I have 100mbps internet, and it takes 30 minutes to download a 600mb file..
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    Damn... This is making me feel like wjunction owners are the same from openload verystream etc...
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    i'm working with mixdrop now. I've tried but the owner doesn't give me support so i stopped
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    I'm not using this shit anymore, but i was noticing and they deleted thousands of my files (not dmca) They are losing servers. You're losing content and you don't know about it!
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    This is a cyclic market, as long as they pay me, i'm there. There is literally NO good old host. openload -> dead as fuck rapidvideo -> thinks he's new york with 1239089 ads At least mixdrop has the fastest streaming i've seen in a long time. even at peak times. anyway. i have 4 host's right...
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    thank god i'm already using other host, if i still was only on verystream my site would be dead! Save yourselves guys! Fuck verystream! Mixdrop and google cloud for the win!
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    Since when its illegal to give support? go say that to a court :beer:
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    Millennium can't do shit! As long as they respond to DMCA notices, they aren't doing anything illegal!
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    Yup! They haven't cared in months, changing the host saved my site! I'm so glad i changed it at a good time
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    I found out about the host mixdrop and moved everything some weeks ago, you guys have no idea what you're losing! Only thing i know is that it's paying 3x more and the servers are super fast, my users are loving it!
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    No one cared when I said what would happen, good luck everyone
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