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    Official: WCDDL - The DDL Script

    Sorry about this guys, I'm so busy lately I just don't have the time. If I manage to find the modules I had on there, I'll put them on github or something for you. I will check this weekend, they are likely in the backups I have.
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    Um, why is everything so... BIG?

    It's just a change to get used to Djlatino, you will manage. Some prefer fixed width designs, some prefer fluid width, not everyone can be pleased unfortunately. Try to get used to it or make your window smaller, lol. Either way, it is just another change, try enjoy it.
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    Best browser?

    Chromium, chrome without the google branding and such.
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    Which best antivirus in 2013??

    NOD32 was my favourite but really, if you're smart enough to not download malicious files, you may as well just run microsoft security essentials. It does everything an AV needs to do and has a great detection rate so why bother with other, bloated software.
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    [PHP] Regex find word

    \b is a word boundary, meaning the start or end of a line (^|$), or the point at which a sequence of word characters reaches a non-word character (e.g. "x."). Your pattern works fine for all 3 examples you mentioned. Whats the problem?
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    Hotfile Pays $80 Million to The MPAA, But Might Survive

    Take that, scumbag hotfile, thinking you can avoid the law. You done gone been owned, son.
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    Curl upload to

    You need to post to /uploadmulti and pass the following: * file[]=your_file * uploading=1 It responds with a 'Refresh' header sending you to a session URI, rather than a usual HTTP 302 redirect. So parse the headers (from CURLOPT_HEADER => true) and request the specified URI.
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    WJunction Radio

    chemicalx now has a timeslot for rock music. first post updated.
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    CyberBunker or Ecatel?

    Neither. Both are gimmicks. If you think you need to be hosted at one of these places, you know nothing about hosting and legalities.
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    WJunction Radio

    ok anyone who is interested in being a "DJ", please do post here. Right now the radio only gets a few listeners each day but hopefully adding a few people will increase popularity. Here's what you need: - Available before 1pm *or* after 4pm UTC/GMT - No youtube rips or low quality MP3s, etc...
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    WJunction Radio

    ok so this has gained tiny popularity (only a few members listening it seems, not all at once). so i'd like to ask, what genres do you guys want to listen to? to expand this and add other "DJs", i need a good idea of what music you want beforehand. Added a poll.
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    What encoding method does this site use?

    y0NwFsGNN5xwWq+mosFxN+XtUJ2VwvyKwfAo it could be anything tbh, near impossible to reverse engineer even a simple encoding like this in a black box environment (i.e. not knowing what happens behind the scenes). for example it could just be base64 with a custom alphabet instead of the usual one...
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    WJunction Radio

    Had a few days of downtime because im leaving soon for a short while. I shall be back and will allocate one or two people to timeslots for playing other genres.
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    WJunction Radio

    it doesn't stop for me, im using VLC here. its definitely nothing on my end, so im not sure. I use ogg for a reason which I forgot, if i remember i will post it.
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