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  1. EvArraya - Up to 10$/1,000 Views - Earn Money

    All payments were just sent.
  2. EvArraya - Up to 10$/1,000 Views - Earn Money

    Bitcoin payments are coming soon. We are waiting on coinbase to process the payment. As for the CPM I'm honestly not sure why it's showing 0.40$ The script has 3 options desktop mobile, & tablet Desktop Mobile The only one I bothered updating was desktop, mobile & tablet because I figured...
  3. EvArraya - Up to 10$/1,000 Views - Earn Money

    We're new and just testing out the rates. We have 0.50 for popunder as well, other shorteners do not have. Our goal is not to be the highest paying shortener. Our goal is to last for a long time and not become a scam like other url shorteners.
  4. EvArraya - Up to 10$/1,000 Views - Earn Money

    Nope. We don't have anything to do with
  5. EvArraya - Up to 10$/1,000 Views - Earn Money

    Hello, Welcome to the Next generation of link shortening. Minimum payment $5 you can earn up to 10 $ / 1000 unique views. Cashouts via Paypal, BTC. Real time stats, updated every minute You earn for all countries traffic Weekly Payments Advanced statistics Refer friends and receive 20% of...
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    Create A Blog With Bloggit - A New Social Network

    That's hilarious honestly. In mother Russia, there is no privacy. I just messaged them and let them know they should fix it lol. Even if they don't pay out, it seems like a cool concept and maybe I can get some downloads on my links from the userbase. Who knows honestly though, the point they...
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    Create A Blog With Bloggit - A New Social Network

    Sorry, didn't know that was not allowed.
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    Create A Blog With Bloggit - A New Social Network

    Hello, I'd like to share a website I found. You can make money for every post you make and for each user you refer. The website is like any other social network, but it includes a point system. There's also free movies on there which is pretty cool. Sign up here
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    What is the best video hosting service and why? VOTE NOW!

    I think openload do to being able to import videos, and the sheer amount of movies that are already on there plus unlimited storage.
  10. EvArraya - Earn 10$/5,000 Views

    Earn money by embeding & sharing any YouTube video using Sharing a video, import it and earn money. Do you an online blog or a popular social media page? A lot of us do and we are constantly sharing funny videos with our friends followers. Many website owners across the internet...
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    [TUT] How to grow your adult website

    Very nice tutorial, i'm thinking about starting an adult site. Seems like it's a bit difficult to get traffic. I heard uploading watermark videos to xvideos is good for traffic.
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    Looks really good, very professional. I can see this getting a lot of business.
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    Do you use torrents?

    Rarely, I used to use torrents a lot more but nowadays Comcast gives you strikes almost instantly.
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    Do you make your bed?

    Almost never, to lazy or just don't have time. I'm usually either at work, or working on the computer or at the gym.
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