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    Introducing - WJunction X

    Looks great! Jeez I feel nostalgic. Can't wait for the chatbox to reconnect with my long lost mates :)
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    Shared Searching for Good Offshore Hosting for my wordpress blog

    Hello, Your requirements match what we offer at SSDByte - Buy SSD Web Hosting in India and USA I'd suggest you take a look at the India plans offered. Here's our wJunction link as well:
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    Looking for coder(s)

    Can you inbox me with more specifics?
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    Samsung S4 or Xperia Z

    I've used Z1, Z, S4 and Note 2 and the order of preference for me, would be: Z1 > Note 2 > Z > S4.@AJ BlacklistedI've got XL (cost me about Rs. 20k and it beats S3 in terms of benchmarks etc and now you can get the same phone for 15k and yeah we all know about the relationship between Samsung...
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    Share your WJunction Story!

    I don't really remember how exactly I got on here but I think it was because of WSM. Back then, WSM was a part of WS and I think one of my friends told me about wJ. But another possibility is that I got to know about wJ was through katz. I joined wJ when I was in school and now I'm here doing...
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    Voting: WJunction Sig of the Week Contest #5 - Arctic

    Entry 3 ​Didn't find much of the Arctic theme in Entry 1
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    while reporting , number of post count increased

    Yep, I have observed the same.
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    Google confirms Android 4.3

    I was quite surprised to not see a thread already but anyway, Google has said that there will be Android 4.3 and there aren't many or any ground breaking additions. Google Android 4.3 Jelly Bean - Operating systems - CNET Reviews
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    How Do You Browse the Internet?

    Laptop and mobile.
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    Username Colour Change

    FrekzD, until you verify your email, your username color will be similar to the Respected rank's color but that doesn't mean you have that rank!
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    What are you currently listening to?

    OneRepublic - Counting Stars - YouTube
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    Upgrade Errors

    Same thing happens with me.
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