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    Looking for rename software

    Thanks for your suggestion! Looks good, however I cannot seem to find out whether automation is possible. Any idea on that?
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    Looking for rename software

    Hey guys, I am looking for a software (possibly torrent software), which would rename files within folders automatically. Example: foldername - Sample.2020.HD filename - s2hd.jpeg Where after download is completed, the .jpeg would be renamed automatically within the folder with the name of...
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    Review: AkoTv.Me

    Great player!
  4. antonyxy | BANNED FROM WJ

    Guys, have you seen this? I'm a bit worried:
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    Premium Plus CLIPWATCHING : Make Upto $70 per 10k views

    Is the US traffic monetized at all?
  6. antonyxy - Share with no limits | Fast Support & Service

    extremely slow, otherwise looks promising
  7. antonyxy

    Introducing WJunction Altruistic

    Haven't had much need to open threads, but now I honestly can't find the button for it? Apologize for possibly a stupid question in advance. edit: NVM, found the answer 2 replies above.
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    Introducing WJunction Altruistic

    Love it. Absolutely love it!
  9. antonyxy - Service Closed

    Sorry I meant on "zoom"?
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    Hello, I have a problem

    Same problem :)
  11. antonyxy - Service Closed

    Hey there, any updates on the api?
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    hello everyone

    Welcome :)
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