1. max303

    max303 New Member Member

    Feb 3, 2010
    Review:i.yeporn.com (18+)

    Fastest adult image hosting site + you can make your gallery and share with friends in secure way.

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  2. NoviceAmateur

    NoviceAmateur New Member Member

    Jan 28, 2013
    I think your header could use some work, it seems rather plain and those cartoon chicks you have on the right have been used for years and years in banners and adult website graphics, they're kinda getting old in my opinion.

    The way the latest images section is setup is rather annoying, no images have been uploaded for the last few days and it only displays images for the selected days so users have to click a few days back to view anything.

    It might be useful if users could copy the codes for entire galleries as well instead of just individual images.

    The multiple image uploader is kind of annoying the way you have it setup. It would be much better to allow the user to select multiple files all at once instead of selecting individual files at a time.

    I didn't register to check out any of the other features, those are just my 2 cents about what is accessible without signing up.

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