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  1. woja

    woja New Member Member

    Dec 21, 2009
    HD-Dump needs a banner

    Hi guys.

    I'm in desperate need for an animated banner for
    Any bored gfx designer willing to do some pro bono work?

    I want the banner to say:
    High Definition
    720P 1080P Downloads
    No Passwords

    (each line separated by animation).
    Size: 230x35

    I'm fresh out of cash after buying a dedi, so I need something free.

    Thanks guys :)

    Added after 1 Day 17 Hours:

    Hey guys.
    Well.. since noone wants to work for free ;)

    I'm now offering 1-month free premium account on my premium link generator
    for this banner

  2. ilyathereis

    ilyathereis New Member Member

    Jan 26, 2010
    Woja is THE man!

    HD-Dump is good, clean high quality forum.

    I'm on there as a moderator and the forum is growing each week. Our traffic has been steady, but we'd like to grow, grow, and grow some more :) If you're into 720p and 1080p BluRays or BRip or MicroHD or other HD quality stuff, come on over.

    Okay, okay, so we desperately need animated banner

    Here's the forum's banner now:


    To give you a feel of HD-Dump, here's the content and color scheme we've got right now. You could probably get creative and use different colors :P :



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