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    Sep 18, 2011
    To Love is a Duty.. To Be Loved is a Success..
    To Be with Someone You Love is a Achievement .. To be With Someone Who
    Loves You Is Life

    Now i know guys most of you are very busy in your day today life but still someday sometime everybody fall's in love it may be a one side or two side,Don't know whether i can share this story at this place but somehow i felt that i had to share this story here. Everybody has a love story, some has good endings and some have bad endings but my love has no end coz true love never ends.So by now u might have understood that its my love story.As i told u iam not sure whether iam allowed to share my story in this section (general discussion) iam starting my story and if moderators permit me i'll continue it.
    And just for privacy of the real people involved in my story i had changed their names,hope u guys would understand.So here i start.

    <3ITS MY lOVE STORY<3​


    My name is anaksr.Me & my family used to live in a rented house in a place called annaram .Now you may be thinking abt my age as mystory started in 1997 well it’s 27.

    As all other boys of my age,I used to study & play cricket..these were my daily routines till the day when kavya came into my life.kavya was my house owners granddaughter.To be in brief my house owner was having 10 sons & 5 daughter’s (quiet a big family) …all of them lived separately at different places.Our house owner used to live with his wife.

    One fine morning when I was sitting infront of my house when 4 girls went into my houseowners house.one of those girl was kavya.She used to visit her grandfather’s house on every year’s summer vacation.Although I previously spoke to her on her previous visits but we were not that close..it was just hi & bye….

    You might have heard it before…but still ‘love just happens ..it is not preplanned.’.I got all the symptoms of <3love<3….my heart always wanted her to be in front of me…fews days passed by …deep in my heart I felt that she was made for me & god has sent her here only for me…So it was time for proposing….but there was one problem….. I was not having any experience …to be frank I was not able to convey my feelings to kavya although my heart was telling thousand words to her…

    I decided somehow I had to let her know abt my feelings…..so I took help of my friend’s ..RAGHAV,VINAY….Kavya used to speak with my friends …so one fine evening Raghav & Vinay visited my house…we used to spend time near a tree which was just beside our house… there was some seating arrangement under that tree..so my friend’s met Kavya there…they started the conversation…they spoke to her for almost 1 hr..my heartbeat was increasing as I was only able to see them & was not able to hear anything…as I was sitting infront of my house…. So finally at 8:00 pm….Kavya went into her grandfather’s house….i went near Raghav..till that time Vinay left that place as he was having some urgent..work….i immediately bombarded Raghav with my questions….â€what happened?â€..â€Did u inform her abt my love?’â€what did she say?â€.

    Raghav asked me to calm down…..he told what he spoke to her in that 1 hr?

    â€Anaksr, I started my conversation with movie SUSWAGATHAM’(Its a telugu movie) which I saw today…I told her that how hero deeply loves heroine & complete story….& at last I told her that a boy who know’s her loves her that badly…. Next question which came from her was ‘who is he?’..So I told your name…I asked her to give it a thought…& take her time… she stayed there silenty for few minutes…. After that she told that she needs some time to think….so I asked her to think all night & give her reply… next morning… “

    Raghav said,â€I don’t have any idea..i can’t tell you what would be her responseâ€..'go have a nice sleep..hope for good 'were the last words told by Raghav that night…after that he left that place'.

    Now as i told that iam not sure whether i can continue my story in this section so i would wait for moderator's permission and then continue.

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