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  1. mywish1

    mywish1 Member Member

    Apr 30, 2014
    i want to know that which ads company offer affiliation program or ads offer by that website >>>>>> download-genius.com i saw many website using them these website as affiliation and using them when you click its redirect to download-genius.com website and show your query in there and people buy subscription of that website and get paid may i know which website offer such a ads or anything else mostly torrents website using these ads showing Big Download button to show people to download when they click they movies on download-genius.com website as what query they are search on torrents site same search query result page open for them and they thing they need to download here and they buy subscription for them and get paid for that webmasters whos using ads of them i want to know these ads plz if any body know plz must tel me thanks.

    please tel me how i can join these ads thanks.

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