UploadBank.com - Free File Host. Up to $11.00 / 1k Downloads.


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- Earn money when people download your files
- Completely free file hosting
- We maximise ad revenue so that we can pay you the most
- Live stats that shows all your paid downloads

Features of UploadBank.

- Completely free (No premium account)
- Fast download speed.
- No timer. No queues. No download limits.
- Simple, straightforward and clean design.
- Responsive website
- Adult content allowed!
- Unlimited Storage
- Website CDN located in Russia, less issues with DMCA or Child porn.

See full details of our features:


Earn Money with UploadBank.

- Up to US$11.00 per 1000 downloads
- Downloads are counted after user complete CAPTCHA and click continue
- File size must be more than 5 MB.
- Max 3 counts for same IP every 24 hours
- Payout by Litecoin (LTC) and Webmoney (WMZ)
- Minimum payout $20

See complete list of countries, rates & rules:

UploadBank have always been paying since 2016.
Just look at the Wjunction forum yourself.
We are serious about the file hosting business and is here for the long run.

Contact us: https://www.uploadbank.com/contact.html
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new xfs !

no thanks !

XFS is an old and reliable script compared to yetishare.

$4 for 1k DL no thanks

We are completely free and this rate is comparable to host like openload.co

i will try!

Thank you for your support!

you have stream video below the download link..is stream count?

Yes it is. After the user click on continue, playing the video from the player will count as 1 download.

+1. I'm ready to buy 1000 US downloads for $4 too :)

Thank you for your support!

Coming soon:
- Bitcoin payout
- Video Encoding to streaming friendly file size
- Remote upload from 1fichier, etc.
- UploadBank will be added to Zoom uploader in next update

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reduce minimum filesize for earnings to 1mb

as u said ur host comparable to openload....

openload count all filesize

I will consider reducing it to 1mb but no promise.
Also I'm considering changing count to up to 3 downloads per ip every 24 hours.
Please check thread for updates.

Hi , can i embed videos to my website ??
Embedding of videos is coming soon.
Sorry we need to work on priorities.

Fixed Connection Upload Speed Is Break.650kbps? Low....Fixed.And Lags.

I just tried uploading, I am getting speed about 1-2mpbs. Please note this might also be due to your internet connection.
Don't worry I will monitor from my end to ensure upload speed is fast.

Some updates:
1. Minimum payout is now $5
2. Minimum filesize only 1MB
3. Multiple downloads from same IP are counted.
- Earn up to 4 times of Tier 4 per IP every 24 hours.
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