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    Dec 26, 2011
    100TB Dedicated Servers with 1Gbps and 10Gbps port.

    :beers::beers:Celebrating a decade of bringing you the best Bare Metal Dedicated Servers offers starts from
    EUR 50. Join us for the biggest party ever with a month full of offers, new launches and more.

    Redswitches.com is happy to serve you with Premium Hosting Solutions for your big ideas. From next-level PaaS cloud services to the raw power of bare metal server, RedSwitches has the perfect hosting solution for your needs, regardless of where you are in your growth cycle.

    Join us for the biggest party ever with a month full of offers, new launches, free gifts and more

    We are Located in: Netherland | Germany | USA | Singapore | Hong Kong | Switzerland
    & Australia.


    Netherlands Special | 100TB BW | 1Gbps Port |

    X3440 / 16 GB RAM / 4x3TB HDD OR 1x120GB SSD >> € 50

    E3-1230 / 16 GB RAM / 4x3TB HDD OR 1x120GB SSD >> € 59

    E3-1230 / 32 GB RAM / 4x8TB HDD OR 4x480 GB SSD >> € 99

    E3-1270v5 / 32 Gb / 2x4 TB HDD OR 2x240 GB SSD >> 99

    E3-1270v5 / 32 Gb / 2x8 TB HDD OR 2x480 GB SSD >> 110

    E3-1270v5 / 64 Gb / 2x4 TB HDD >> 120

    E3-1270v5 / 64 Gb / 2x8 TB HDD >> 140

    E3-1270v6 /32 GB/ 4x1TB OR 4x4TB OR 4x240 GB SSD >> EUR 115

    E3-1270v6 /32 GB/4x8TB OR 4x480 GB SSD >> 140

    E5-1620v4 /32 GB / 4x4 TB OR 4x240 GB SSD >> € 125.00

    E5-1620v4 /32 GB / 4x8 TB OR 4x480 GB SSD >> 155

    E5-1650v4 /32 GB / 4x4 TB OR 4x240 GB SSD >> 175

    Note: Offer is valid only for our new clients.

    Contact us:

    Skype: sales-redswitches
    Mail: [email protected]
    Mail: [email protected]
    Mail: [email protected]
    Live Chat: Click Here.

    Customize your server

    It's your server, so it should do what you want it to. Add all the options you need to optimize performance and have your server ready to go from the very first moment.

    HDD & Ram Upgrade From: €20/m
    10 GE Uplink From: €150/m
    Unmetered Traffic From: €100/mo
    Acronis Backups From: €10/mo
    Managed Support From: €30/mo
    Windows License From: €20/mo


    1. Do you offer an uptime guarantee?
    Our network connectivity also meets the highest standards - 99.9% network uptime guaranteed with our Service Level Agreement. Given our 24/7/365
    functionality and congestion-free network, we provide you with the fast and smooth service you demand.

    2. Is it possible to start off on a monthly plan and later switch to a yearly plan?
    Yes, This is absolutely Possible.

    3. Do you provide refunds after the server has been ordered?
    No, We do not provide any refunds on dedicated servers, Please get all your quarries cleared before hand!

    4. What methods of payment do you offer?
    Redswitches accepts all major credit & debit cards along with Moneybookers(Skrill),Paypal,Alertpay(payza),International Bank Transfer,Bitcoins.
    We would like to thanks all of our loyal clients as well as our Fantastic Team. Both of which created our Identity family and we wouldn't be where we are today without you ! We are delighted to be marking this milstone anniversary and Celebrating with some amazing Server offers. Thank you for the ten remarkable years of warmth, friendship and support.

    ¦ Have any other questions?

    Contact us - [email protected]
    Website: Red Switches | Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Servers, Web Hosting.

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