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Premium pops top sources list

Have you already tried our Premium Popunder? It has many benefits, among which:

- Up to 100 times higher CR
- Qualitatively selected and tested sources
- Optimized traffic

- We give a specially selected list with more than 1000 verified sites, sites with conversions already tested by our internal Traffic Quality Team.

What is more, from May 15 to May 31 we have a system of bonuses for new and current partners.

How to get Bonuses?

1. New Advertisers get:

- $25 sign up promocode may25 for deposits over $200

2. For already active Advertisers we have a one more bonus:
- 10% Bonus on the next deposit up to $1000, for advertisers who work with verticals: content_site, gambling, dating, e-commerce, crypto, services, finance, betting, nutra, sweepstakes, software

3. Even more, if you already have an inactive account with us just sign in and get a special bonus on your next deposit:
- Re-Activation Bonus in amount of a $50 for deposits from $200.

* all bonuses and promotional codes are valid from 05/15/2022 to 05/31/2022.

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Hi, Evadavers!

In this article we'll describe what is important to know about a new feature in our advertisers' personal account - WinRate.

- What is WinRate?
- What is the relationship between WinRate and the auction?
- How is WinRate calculated?
- How to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns with WinRate?
- How to use WinRate in combination with MicroBidding and Auto-rules?

What is a WinRate?
Win Rate is the percentage ratio of the number of impressions gained in an auction divided by the total number of impressions bid on.

WinRate is based on Bid and CTR.
- Bid - the higher it is, the more chances you have to win the auction.
- CTR - the higher the clickability of the creatives within an advertising campaign, the more likely your bid will win, and your ad will be shown on the publisher's site.

Important: For CPC model only!!!
For the CPM model, CTR is not counted.

In other words, WinRate is a parameter that indicates the competitiveness of the used bid, set of creatives, and targeting settings for the ad campaign / source.

How does the auction work?
It's based on a basic calculation formula: CTR * Bid = CPM.

Advertisers are competing for each impression on the platform. The system forms an auction. All advertising campaigns take part in this auction, which, according to their targeting settings, are able to bid for the ad impression.

The system chooses the ad campaign which has the highest CTR*Bid. This approach focuses on delivering relevant ad creatives to the most targeted audience at the publishers' sites.

WinRate Formula

WinRate in percent = (number of impressions won / number of auctions in which the campaign participated) x 100

For example, if a bid participates 1 million times and wins 500,000, this is calculated as:
(500,000 / 1,000,000) X 100 = 50% WinRate

- green indicator 70%+ - your advertising campaign is taking enough hits within the auction. Raising the bid and adjusting the sources, you can achieve even higher rates, for our part, we consider this level "good".
- yellow 50<69% - your ad campaign is in the middle of the auction. You can get more impressions by doing optimization.
- red 0<49% - an important signal for the analysis of the advertising campaign and raising the bid / change of creatives and/or targeting.
- n/a - the index is calculated for the period selected in the statistics. If you see this sign next to a campaign or a source in the statistics, this means that your company does not get enough data for the correct calculation of the WinRate. We recommend increasing the traffic buy for such a campaign in order to collect enough statistics for calculations.

Increasing your WinRate
A high WinRate in programmatic terms might indicate low competition for users at the source of traffic or an effective bid.
A low WinRate is always a signal that the bids for a specific campaign and/or source need to be increased and the creatives need to be checked according to their CTR.

Here are some ideas on how to increase the WinRate for your campaign.

-Grow up the bid for ad campaigns with low WinRates

-Buy more traffic in campaigns with creatives that have a high CTR, or duplicate them for other campaigns.

-Optimize the bid for sites with a high WinRate

-Use auto-rules to whitelist and blacklist sources to select the ones that give you the most conversions at a given cost.

-Use micro-bidding to optimize bids by source.

The Microbidding option allows you to unleash the full potential of WinRate's capabilities.

With Microbidding + WinRate, you can analyze and see the actual amount of redeemable traffic, and auction WinRates per campaign and change the rates for zones and sources separately. This will give you the maximum flexibility in buying traffic and make your ROI unattainable for your competitors.

*The micro-bidding option is only available to Gold-level users on our platform.

Let's see on the example of a test advertising campaign with low WinRate.


The microbidding + WinRate combination will be available for editing within the ad campaign itself:


Also, similar settings can be made directly in the statistics.
To do so, go to the general statistics tab, select an ad campaign from the general list and its traffic purchase model (CPC in this example) and indicate the country in the filter.


Now let’s proceed with the analysis. Consider the data in detail.


In the screenshot, we see the different indicators of the WinRate.
It is worth noting that those sources with a high WinRate in the green zone also have custom Bid significantly higher than the average. Such sources also have high-profit margins and ROI.

In line 2, we see the opposite situation. WinRate on this source is in the red zone, and despite a large amount of traffic and low cost per click, nevertheless, this source does not bring profit.

As part of an advertising strategy, the best choice would be to raise the bid for such a source. However, the creatives within this advertising campaign should not be replaced, as they are effective at the current stage, as you can see by the ROI for the other sources.

Bottom line:
We've taken an in-depth look at the WinRate metric, its importance, and its role when working with the Evadav platform. We wish our advertisers a successful test and look forward to your feedback.

If you have any questions, please contact your manager, who is ready to help you 24/7/365.



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Hello, advertisers!

Spring is over, and a hot summer awaits us... And this means that it's high time to grab some hot bonuses from Evadav!
Launch and scale campaigns to get bonuses for balance replenishment

How do I get bonuses?
You will receive bonuses on your next replenishment when you upgrade your account to the next level of our system. All you have to do is:
- Create ad campaigns and scale the current ones in the second half of June (16.06.22 - 30.06.22)
- Optimize them with auto-rules, microbidding and winrate

What bonuses can I get?
Depending on each new level in the system that you have moved to during the period 06/16/22 - 06/30/22, you will be able to receive the following bonuses::
- Standard $0-$300 - entry level
- Bronze $301-$1000 - your bonus will be $30 on a deposit of $300 or more
- Silver $1001-$3000 - your bonus will be $100 on a deposit of $1000 and more
- Gold $3001-$8000 - Your bonus will be $300 on a deposit of $3000 and more
- Platinum $8001-$25000 - your bonus will be $800 on a deposit of $5000 or more
- Diamond $25001+ - your bonus will be $1000 on a deposit of $5000+

If you have already reached the Diamond level on our platform, we offer you to scale the spend by 50% compared to early June (01.06 - 15.06) to get a $1000 bonus on any next deposit from $5000.

The higher your level in the system, the more bonuses you can get! Increase your spend and get bonuses - https://bit.ly/3O8oWBQ

How do I request a bonus?
You will have 30 days to request a bonus from the moment your account is upgraded. Email your manager in personal messages requesting a bonus on your next deposit and use the funds to promote in Evadav.

How long will the promo last?
The promo will last from 16.06.22 till 30.06.22. Hurry up to move to the next level to get more bonuses!

In advance to pump your profits, we've collected top verticals and geos for the latest months.

- India
- Brazil
- Indonesia
- United States of America
- Philippines
- Thailand
- Malaysia
- Vietnam
- Italy
- Germany
- Bangladesh
- Japan
- France
- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

- dating
- site content
- gambling
- software
- extensions
- nutra
- sweepstakes
- services
- finance
- e-commerce
- crypto
- shopping
- smartlink
- utility
- betting

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Hi, Evadavers!

We are happy to announce that we have connected over 1,000 new popunder sites and they are already available to you!

Get the most out of your traffic with:

- Top CR - up to 1:4 using pre-landing;
- Filtered clicks - just right for your offer;
- Volumes - over 1 billion clicks currently available for redemption;
- Smart auction and auto-rules - let you take the best part, and not spend all your time setting up and optimizing.

Advice from the optimization team:
- Experiment with bids - smoothly increase them from the recommended to the maximum - so you select the most converting sites for your offer;
- test the Premium and Standard types of traffic in the A / B tests;
- advertisers from Gold level and above - use microbidding for spot work with bids;

Also, until the end of the month, we’re running an activity with bonuses for topping up- https://bit.ly/3zLJrAu

Want to know more? Read our blog - https://bit.ly/3xJSbV0

Check out our awesome blog articles about Popunder you may have missed:

-Premium Popunder campaigns and Top 10 countries with recommended rates
-Premium Popunder Traffic
-5 Steps to a Successful Campaign with Popunder

If you have any questions, please contact your manager, who is ready to help you 24/7/365.



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EVADAV is a SCAMMER be careful. They didn't pay me. I Questioned them about low earnings in spite of good traffic and they said this is what they ca do.

I told them I would be removing their ad code and asked them to pay the earnings in my acct. They said I didn't reach the minimum payment. Then I told ok as it was a small amount. I am not worried about the money as it is small. But be careful. Please don't use EVADAV

Today when I logged into my account. I see this. Fraudulent traffic activity



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EVADAV is a SCAMMER be careful. They didn't pay me. I Questioned them about low earnings in spite of good traffic and they said this is what they ca do.

I told them I would be removing their ad code and asked them to pay the earnings in my acct. They said I didn't reach the minimum payment. Then I told ok as it was a small amount. I am not worried about the money as it is small. But be careful. Please don't use EVADAV

Today when I logged into my account. I see this. Fraudulent traffic activity

Good afternoon, our manager will contact you to solve the problem, thank you very much.


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Paired with tons of impressions and conversions, click-through rate really matters when you launch your ad campaign. So let’s find out how to get more clicks and boost your CTR with Evadav.

TOP - 5 Tips to Increase the CTR of Your Ad

Set the Perfect Timing
What’s the best time to show your ads in order to increase your CTR? Holidays, of course! The profits received during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Cyber Monday tend to be the highest.
Take advantage of major holidays, sales events, phone model release dates, sporting events, and TV series finales.
Also, learn when your audience is the most active and set the days and time when the ads will be shown.


Schedule your campaign in Evadav profile.

Test the Frequency Capping for Your Audience
Everything new is greeted with great interest. However, when an ad is seen multiple times, it loses its impact - it becomes invisible. People may turn it off due to intrusiveness at worst.

Let’s consider the example of push ads. Imagine how weird and annoying the ad seems when you get four times a day that you won a BMW.

A reasonable ad limit is essential to preventing record-low CTRs. According to Evadav statistics, the best results show campaigns with 5 impressions per day. We suggest limiting the impressions of your ads to 5 impressions per day. 1 audience = 5 impressions per 24 hours.


Set capping, launch your campaign, and monitor the statistics with Evadav.

Get Bids Increased for Better CTR
Low bid makes the CTR low. Thus, the lower your bid is, the worse the sources you get.
You may have nice creatives, but if the bid is low, the chances of success are low as well.
The higher the bid, the more potential auctions your ad campaign will participate in. Thus, you increase the probability of working with the sites with the best clickability for your creatives.
In your Evadav profile, the average CPC and the recommended bid size are shown after you choose the country in the settings and press recommended or max bid. We constantly update this information so that you can launch your campaign with the most relevant bid for your audience.


Follow the bid size recommended in the campaign settings with Evadav and launch your campaign.

Choose the Right Creatives
As for creatives, we recommend launching at least 4-5 creatives to qualify the traffic source. Ad campaign tested with 1-2 creatives is bound to perform worse. Pay attention to the quality of the pictures you use. They should be comprehensible, trustworthy, and reflect what is written in the text. Noone will click on the ad with a dog under which the text will say: Win an iPhone 13 pro max now.
As well, the statistics show that illustrations with women attract users more than with men.
Test the creatives within your campaign. You can test up to 8 creatives in each ad campaign.

Add Imagination to Your Text
The text should be catchy and correspond to the illustration. It should deliver the message you want to send and include the CTA.
- Also, it’s a nice idea to use Emojis to attract attention, but don’t overuse them.
- Make your text personalized: “Using an iPhone?” / “Are you in Kyiv”?
- Numbers in titles always work: “9 out of 10 people advice using the microwave XXX”


dd title up to 30 characters and description up to 45 in your Evadav profile while launching an ad and test it.

Choose Evadav and launch the most successful campaigns!


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Have you heard the news? Twitter is launching a new way of creating and sharing content - Notes!

What are the Notes?
Notes represent a tool allowing the creation of long reads.
The new features for Twitter users, who are used to short messages containing 280 characters maximum, will allow users to:
- create articles with rich formatting
- upload media
- share posts via Twitter and Facebook.

The major Twitter update allows creating a note with a 100-character title and text up to 2,500 words. Photo, video, GIF, and tweet embedding will be possible in users' Notes. Each Note has its link, and you can tweet, retweet, send in DMs, like, and bookmark it like a tweet.

How can Notes be useful for publishers and advertisers?
- Monetization of traffic from Twitter is now gaining popularity and momentum. More and more publishers have begun to take advantage of the opportunity to monetize such traffic. Now advertisers could reach 465.1 million users on Twitter, placing it 14th among the world's most 'active' social networks.
- Twitter's latest investor report shows that the company had 229 million monetizable daily active users worldwide as of April 2022.


- Among other things, Twitter allows monetizing video broadcasts as well.

- Also, you can get traffic from Twitter with Push messages. How? Push subscriptions represent a popular form of monetization from Twitter. Users on Twitter visit your website, read your content, subscribe to push notifications, and return to your site regularly.
To run ads with Evadav, select the format, type and pricing model for push notifications in your Evadav profile. Also, choose targeting, add creatives, and set budgets and limits. If you have any questions about customizing your ads, contact your manager 24/7.


Would you like to grow and monetize your Twitter traffic? Do it with Evadav

- If you are an advertiser, you can buy traffic to promote your Twitter account and get more followers.
- You can use Twitter as a pass-through page by publishing the link to your ad page in the Twitter post or Notes.


The secret sauce: not so many platforms allow to post the adult content 18+. However, it's possible on Twitter! You can advertise subscriptions, goods for adults and you can even add creatives in Notes.

Buy your traffic for Twitter with Evadav

And while Twitter is going to launch its micro-blogging, check out our blog to read the articles you may’ve missed:

- Fresh Profit on Pops Traffic
- 5 Steps to a Successful Campaign with Popunder
- Advertising Strategies to Increase CTR

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Hello, Evadavers!

Take 2 minutes and have a unique chance to get an extra white list for your vertical from Evadav & Affbank directly.

What do you need to do:
- follow the Affbank Awards page;
- vote for Evadav in push, native, and traffic source categories;



- screen your votes and save them (3 snapshots);
- send an email to support@evadav.com with an account ID (email), your contact telegram/skype, and screenshots attached;

Boom! Here you are, almost in a step from your reward. We'll respond to every email after the award finale, starting July 27th.

[Thank you for staying with us]
We always stay with you and follow your needs. So share your attention to our cooperation and get an exclusive reward.

Vote for EvaDav


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Hi, Evadavers!

We've added a limit alert for our advertisers to notify them that their ad campaign limits are about to be reached.

Where can you see it?
In your profile, in the advertising campaigns list.


information on reaching advertising campaign limit will be visible on the right, in the Budget limit, Click limit columns.


When you use 70% or more of the limits, a red icon with a fire will appear.


When you click on the icon, you’ll see the inscription "70% of total campaign budget spent. Recommended to increase".


Clicking on the "Recommended to increase" inscription opens the campaign editing page, the limits setting section.


Always remember: the more limits you set for your campaigns, the more auctions your campaign will participate in. Also, we only recommend that you keep an eye on your balance and, if possible, keep it above $150.



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😎Hi, Evadavers!
Meet a new feature from Evadav - Telegram Bot🔔.

Where to find and how to connect it?

To activate the bot, the user needs to log in to their account, in the Evadav profile.

👆 Make sure you filled the field - Telegram. If your nickname is not listed here or you see an invalid one - contact our support team who will help you to replace or add the actual nickname.


🚀 Next, click "Start receiving notifications" in the Telegram bot in the lower right corner.


↩️After you press it, you will be taken to the bot's page Evadav Notifications :

✔️ Click "Allow" and you will be redirected to the Telegram application, where you should press /start.
After that, click on /link and go to the Evadav profile by the link indicated in the message.


📧In your profile, you will see a message telling you that the connection was successfu:


⚠️ In Telegram, the bot will also inform you of the successful connection of your account:


🔒 To disconnect from sending important notifications through the bot, in your personal account, in the same section of your profile, you need to click on "Stop receiving notifications". All notifications from the bot will be stopped.


You can use both advertiser and publisher notifications for one Telegram account.

How does the bot work?

In triggering conditions, the subscribed user receives notifications from the bot about different events. The list of events will be constantly expanding, according to your requests. Now among them, there are notifications such as:

For advertisers:
- Achieving a zero account balance;
- The remaining balance will be enough for 1 day (calculated based on the spending of the advertising account for the last period);
- The ad campaign has been rejected by moderation;

For publishers:
- There was a successful domain change;
- Widget was rejected by moderation;
- Widget was banned without passing an antifraud check;

Important: share your feedback on this tool and your suggestions on how we can make it more useful for you, and what new features you are looking for that will help you achieve your goals.

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Hey, Evadavers!

The hot summer is about to end. Now is the time for holidays, relaxation, and incredible profits. The Evadav team always stands with you and already has a suitable activity for you.

Are you expecting some prizes or bonuses, aren't you? There you will be absolutely right! Welcome our Hot Summer Time Giveaway. Now you’ve got the chance not only to increase your profits but to get bonuses!

We are launching a promotion for our advertisers - Hot Summer with EVADAV.

All advertisers can participate in this activity, both new accounts and those whose advertising campaigns are active now or were launched earlier.

How to get bonuses?
The flow is easy as pie:


- Create new ad campaigns and build up your spend.
- Make sure your August spend exceeds your spend for July by $2000, $5000, or more.
- Get your $25, $100 or $250 bonus.

Take your bonus:
- $100 if your spend exceeds your spend for July by over $2000
- $250 if the spend exceeds your spend for July by $5000

New customers get $25 to test traffic with a promo code hotsummer25.


An extra point: Cashback up to 6% is ready. Ask your manager about it.

The promo will run to August, 31 .

Increase your spend and get bonuses from Evadav


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Hi, Evadavers!

We have added new features and options to our product.
Thus, going to share our latest updates with you!

For whom is it available?
To all advertisers

What's added?
- Archiving of advertising campaigns
- Google Search App Targeting
- GIF format in creatives

Let’s go deeper inside each feature

Archiving advertising campaigns


Previously, Archived and Completed campaigns were placed in the same section. For your convenience, we have added the tab “Archived” on the /advertiser/campaigns page in your personal profile.


Now, archived campaigns will be displayed in the Archived tab. Also, at the top, you will see a notification that the campaigns will be deleted in three months from the moment they were moved to the archive.

Google Search App Targeting


We’ve added a browser for Google Search App targeting to campaign settings.


Now you can find ‘Google Search App’ browser in the "Browser" filter in your profile and in the admin panel.

GIF format in creatives


You can now add *.gif format creatives to your In page Push and Nativ campaigns.


Conditions for adding:

Max size: 1MB

Corresponds to the resolution specified when creating a Personal Area Ad Campaign.

Formats: Native Ads, InPage.


According to Evadav's testing results, ads when using GIFs can potentially increase CTR by up to 150%

Test new features directly in your ad campaigns.

Sign in to your Evadav account


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Hello, Evadavers!

This month, we expanded the list of available placements and added more than 1000 new sites and applications that have passed the full review.
According to the results of tests from our traffic buying team, we share with you the most effective verticals:

- Dating
- Gambling
- Utility
- Software
- Smartlink
- Push notification
- Betting
- Trading
- Sweepstakes

We recommend testing such countries as USA, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, and Canada.

- Choose the offers and countries that suit you from the list.
- Create an advertising campaign.
- Write to your manager and replenish your balance until September 30 with a bonus from Evadav.

- $100 bonus - for deposits from $2000
- $50 bonus - for deposits over $500
- $25 bonus - for deposits over $100

Go to your personal account