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Dear Wjunction Users,

We are happy to introduce DropAPK.Com to webmasters, uploaders & publishers.

DropAPK.Com Launched March 2016

Note : Free premium account can be provided for good traffic generating webmasters, uploaders & publishers so you can get blazing fast uploads, downloads - Maximum upload & download slots, Torrents uploads, ad free surfing, no waiting time and much more...

Why DropAPK?
1) Clean and simple user interface
2) High speed Upload / Download
3) Unlimited GB per file to be uploaded for premium users and 20GB for free users
4) Free 200GB of storage capacity / Unlimited for premium users.
5) No limits on download or upload speed

Our affiliate program.

You can partner with DropAPK and start your business with us right away by using one of the following options:

Pay Per Download (PPD) 100% of Downloads & 20% of Sales, Rates per 1000 Downloads.

Pay Per Sale (PPs) 60% of Sales & 60% of Rebills.

Mixed Plan (MIX) 50% of Downloads and 30% of Sales.

Affiliate receive 10% earned money from each his referral

What all the payment modes you support?
1) Paypal
2) Payoneer
3) WebMoney
4) Skrill

What all uploading options do you have?
1) Direct upload
2) Remote upload
3) FTP upload
4) Torrent upload (For premium users)

Can i upload any kind of content?
Except Child porn files you can upload any type of content

How can i contact you?
1) You can directly user our contact form on the website
2) You can mail us at webmaster@dropapk.com

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Welcome to Wj.

First payment in 24 hours. Next payment 4 weeks after requesting the payment. - Why 4 Weeks?

We always paid as soon as possible, but to be honest and send payment in time we make next payment 4 weeks.

That's why 4 weeks :)

Best Wishes!