1. t33p

    Shortle.Link | Best URL Shortner | Up to $5/1000 views | Min Payout $5 | Signup Bonus $3

    Hi Guys from the WJ Community, :grinning: :hand_splayed: Shorte.Link is a global paid url shortener which pays publishers for shortening and sharing their links. Being a global ad network it provides its services worldwide and therefore, publishers and advertisers from any part of the world...
  2. H

    Bits.yt | Ur new url shortner | Upto $8 per 1000 views | Paypal, BTC, Webmoney

    Our web:http://bits.yt Our Rates:http://bits.yt/payout-rates Minimum payment $5 you can earn up to 8 $ / 1000 unique views. Cashouts via Paypal, Webmoney, BTC. Real time stats, updated every minute You earn for all countries traffic Weekly Payments Advanced statistics Refer friends...
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